‘Pokemon Go’ Tips & Tricks: Map Tracker Alternatives That Will Not Get You Banned; Use Them to Easily Find Pokemon Nearby

“Pokemon GO” players should know by now that Niantic Labs is serious with their resolve in going after cheaters in the game. As a matter of fact, the gaming company booted out many players last week after they were found to be using bots and apps to level up fast and easy.

In its bid to eradicate and prevent further cheating, Niantic recently added the captcha feature in the game’s system. It is expected that this move will be a big help in tracking down third party apps that can hack the popular augmented reality game. This will also stop players from deploying bots to continuously play the game.

“Trainers, we’re working hard to provide a fair, fun and legitimate game experience for all,” Niantic posted on “Pokemon Go” Twitter account. Moreover, the use of “Pokemon Go” map locator can also get a player banned from the game forever, so using third-party Pokemon trackers is not a good idea. However, there are trackers that have been found safe to use when searching for pocket monsters.

These can be considered as alternative trackers since Niantic does not seem to notice them, at least for now. So, which apps that players can use without having to worry about getting banned in “Pokemon Go?”

There is PokeFast. According to Morning News USA, this is safe because it is undetectable under Niantic’s radar. Why? Pokefast is not linked to “Pokemon Go” server so it is out of their reach.

Pokemon Go Hub shared that PokeAlert works safely as well. This app makes use of Google maps so players do not have many options regarding its functionality. Despite this, it is still useful and provides basic Pokemon tracking service.

These two Pokemon trackers are still effective for “Pokemon Go” hunting and Niantic will not ban its users. As long as they will not be affected by the captcha system, they are deemed alright to use.

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