How will legendary Pokemon be introduced into Pokemon Go?

It was recently announced at the Webby awards, by The Head of Marketing from Niantic that “This summer if going to be legendary ”

This sent the entire Pokemon Go community crazy, as the entire Pokemon go community is long awaiting for legendary Pokemon to roll out the game. This further confirms, previous information given out by Mr. John Hanke when asked legendary Pokemon, his reply was you shall be seeing more about them in the coming months of 2017.

So here we are, with the one anniversary of Pokemon Go less than 2 months aways, and the hype train is just getting started as Niantic employees start teasing stuff for the coming months.So the only question is how hard is it going be to get a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

In the original main series Pokemon games, the lead character had, to go have significant achievements, like beating the Elite4, in order to have a chance at encountering these legendary Pokemon, and most of them are only given a single chance at battling them.

As Pokemon Go, tends to borrow a lot of its elements from the original games, we can expect that trainers will have to put in efforts in order to obtain them. But if Niantic takes some kind of approach like trainers beyond a certain level only are eligible to catch legendary Pokemon (Similar to what they do Operation Portal Recon) then it is quite evident that the company will receive brutal backlash from the community.

So rest assured, this will not be the case. So what is the next best case possible. Well, raids? I say Yes. But there is always a possibility that Niantic has cooked up another strategy. There have been a lot of new additions to the game’s master file indicating the introduction of raids.

But how will raid mechanics work exactly in Pokemon Go? Well, there would be a push notification that would arrive o your phone, that “A Rare Pokemon has been Spotted”  on opening the app, Professor Willow would show up on the screen and explaining to you what the raid mechanics are. You would then have to beat the wild Legendary Pokemon in order to have a chance to catch it.

Another exciting possibility is that, we are required to walk around the neighborhood, hunting for these legendary Pokemon, each legendary encounter will give you a special item, you would be able to catch the Pokemon only when you have a certain number of these special items. This, in my opinion, would be more fun and be challenging to do, and it could be seen as a possibility as Niantic has signed this multi-year contract with the Knight Foundation, which organized some form of a Pokemon walk in North Carolina.

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How will legendary Pokemon be introduced into Pokemon Go?

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