Wigglytuff Would Be Best Against Ditto!

Ditto was added in Pokemon Go few weeks ago and was discovered in code months ago.Ditto is kind of hard to find Pokemon also it is a good gym defender to be defeated, but as we know second generation pokemon are on their way there would be many easy pokemon that can defeat one of them is Wigglytuff.

Here is the Ditto Gym Calculator.


  • Ditto is the defender
  • The attacker doesn’t switch after the transformation
  • Average IVs (7.5/7.5/7.5)
  • Average movesets (e.g. I don’t take into account that Pound + Hyper Beam is the best attacking moveset in the game and Splash + Struggle is the worst)

Conclusion: Wigglytuff is the overall most efficient attacker against a Ditto defender, and it’s also the overall most efficient prestige gainer.


  • Battle Effectiveness: Wigglytuff vs. Ditto is the 3rd-most lopsided fight after Chansey vs. Ditto and Snorlax vs. Ditto.
  • Time Efficiency: at constant CP, Wigglytuff vs. Ditto is the 7th-fastest fight without taking movesets into account. With movesets, it may even be the 5th- or 6th-fastest.
  • Total Efficiency: Wigglytuff vs. Ditto achieves a score of 25.5. Second and third place are Dragonite vs. Ditto with 23.3 and Rhydon vs. ditto with 21.2, both due to the speed factor caused by Dragonite and Rhydon being Super Effective against themselves.
  • Opportunity cost: if we only consider Pokémon which are “prestiger-level”, i.e. not capable of reaching a high CP and therefore only good for prestiging, the second place is shared by Kangaskhan and Victreebel with a score of 14.8, i.e. 42% less than Wigglytuff.

The reason for Wigglytuff being such a good prestiger vs. Ditto is that it has a very high Stamina (which is replaced by Ditto’s Stamina but contributes to Ditto’s CP), a high Attack (which inflates Ditto’s CP without making it much stronger) and a low Defense (which makes Ditto a terrible defender).

Not included in the table but favorable for this matchup:

  • Pound is the strongest STAB basic move for attacking, but it’s a low-damage high-speed move and therefore not very good for defending.
  • Hyper Beam is arguably the easiest move to dodge, and anyway the matchup is so lopsided that Wigglytuff will defeat Ditto before it can even think about starting a Hyper Beam.
  • Wigglytuff is capable to reach the normal CP range required for training normal gyms (900-1400) and therefore even if you don’t do a pure “Ditto” prestiging you can easily defeat the initial Ditto and then move on to the next defender with an almost full-HP Wigglytuff and 500+ prestige already gained.

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