Valentine’s Day Event Prediction

As holidays near, it is always fun to speculate what event Niantic may have in mind for us. Though these predictions are more than likely wrong, it’s nice to imagine “what if”. The Christmas event was way off from what anyone was suspecting. Honestly, it didn’t really resemble Christmas at all. The New Year’s event it actually kind of nice, however.

What would the Valentine event be if Niantic decides to hold one for that lovely day? We now know that Niantic tries to keep their events unique and separate from other holiday events, maybe they keep the same general idea. For example increased spawn rates, that wasn’t new but the Pokemon they choose was.

Valentines Day, as many already know is a normally celebrated by couples, making it a romantic day. How could Niantic add “romance” in Pokemon GO? Well, there are incenses and lure modules in the game, which attract Pokemon to your location. Is it possible for just the event, baby Pokemon could spawn off lure modules and incenses?

There really isn’t much Niantic could do for this holiday. There could also be another increased spawn in Pokemon, but it would probably be Pokemon like male Nidoran and Female Nidoran. The reason for speculation over baby Pokemon being encountered is it seems like Niantic really wants people to collect them. The only other way Niantic could bring these Pokemon to the wild and for it to make a little sense, is if Niantic decides to make an event over it.

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