Trainers having trouble catching Pokemon on boats?

It seems as if Niantic made a huge change to the game during the last update!

We’ve received some reliable details about a huge change for trainers wanting to go on a Cruise or for those who actually work on boats. There’s been a change in spawns for those Pokemon in the water, it seems as if those spawns have been forced to not happen at all.

The details we’ve received mention how a trainer who works on boat hasn’t been able to catch Pokemon since the update while at work. He’s also mentioned how his coworkers are experiencing the same issue, which seems really unfair for those who like to go on vacation by boat.

You can read the trainers full response below

” So, this is probably a long shot but, I’ve been reading your articles on Pokémon-go for a while now, and they’re normally always accurate. They seem to be shared alot and very popular, which is why I’m writing today. I’m not sure if Niantic reads your articles or whatever, but since the last update, there’s been a problem with the game that most people aren’t even aware of. I work on a boat, I spend roughly 25 days on the water a month. 

Poke stops and gyms have never really been something I could do, but I’ve always been able to catch Pokémon. I travel mainly in the South, going as far west as Brownsville Texas, to as far east as Orlando Florida and everywhere in between. 

Since the last update, Pokémon no longer spawn in the water, they’ll spawn close to a shore, but never in the water. This makes the game almost impossible for me and people like me to play. I’m not asking you to do anything, I’m just bringing something to your attention that you might not be aware of.. 

Thanks for your time. “

I personally don’t venture off on boat due to personal reasons, so i’m unable to confirm this change. So we’re going to rely on our community’s response to find out the factor, please note that this change happened shortly after the buff/nerf update. 

He did note that Pokemon do stop spawning once you leave the coast.

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