Tips To Avoid Wasting Pokeballs

Hey all’ after spending some time on some Pokémon Go forums I stumbled upon some advice from a player, here they give us tips on how to avoid wasting Pokeballs when catching Pokémon.

So these tips are not mine, but I have tried them out and it seems to work quite well, so for those who want to waste less balls and still catch Pokémon, then make sure to read this below.

These comments are made by a Pokémon Go trainer named Netherfoxx on the Pokémon Go forum The Silph Road.

 “ The key is to wait for the pokemon to start their “taunt” animation, wind up your curve ball and throw it such that it lands briefly after the animation is over. This saves a lot of pokeballs that would be wasted due to a jump or taunt animation. The “taunt” animation forces the ball to bounce off the pokemon only if it lands during the animation however there is a brief period between the ending of the animation and opportunity for the pokemon to jump or recast the taunt” said Nethervoxx.

 “An advanced tip would be to factor in the size of the circle before it taunts you so that you can aim to land the throw bonus “blindly”. In my experience, the throw circle is actually a tad bit larger after a taunt then it was before the taunt. You can use this as an estimate as to when you throw the ball while the pokemon is taunting you. The circle freezes while the ball is in the air so you can safely throw it while it taunts without worrying that the circle will be significantly different then it was before the taunt” continued Netherfoxx.

 “This strategy is good for when you are low on pokeballs and the pokemon is weak (not needing a great throw to help catch it). It is also useful vs very hard to catch pokemon that are also hard to hit a great throw on. Pokemon like dragonite will waste a lot of balls from jumping and taunting and landing a great throw on them is rare as is so timing the throw right after their animation will help lower the amount of wasted balls during the encounter” Said Netherfoxx.

So there you go, I hope that helps you reduce the amount of Pokeballs wasted while catching Pokémon, as it has certainly helped me.

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