Three Things You Should Do Before Pokémon GO’s Easter Eggstravaganza Event Ends

We are more than halfway through Pokémon GO’s Easter Eggstravaganza event, despite the fact that the holiday itself has come and gone yesterday. And rather until the last possible day to give you some “closing” advice, I figured I’d do this now as a reminder as to how you should take advantage of this event before it concludes.

Like all Pokémon GO events, this one has some unique properties, being mostly egg-focused, but also being a double XP event as well. So, what should you be doing before it ends? I’ve narrowed it down to three major things:

Buy What Lucky Eggs You Can Afford

The only item on sale this week is the Lucky Egg, so you would be remiss if you didn’t pick up at least one bundle of them before this sale ends. My advice is the bundle of eight, because 25 is just excessive, considering that you’ll mostly use them for mass evolutions, which frankly do not occur all that often unless you’re a round-the-clock player.

Do Not Forget To Mass Evolve During The Event For 4x XP

I have been guilty of this myself, as I have been putting off my mass evolution for “just another day” until I was getting dangerously close to the end of the event. My advice is to pop an egg and do a mass evolve today or tomorrow. Sure, you might catch a few more things or hatch a few more eggs during that time, but waiting for one or two more evolutions to add to the pile, and you might forget to do it altogether. If you do, you are missing out on the ultra-rare occurrence of getting to pop a Lucky Egg and get 4x XP for all evolutions, which will be 2000 XP apiece, plus more if the evolved form is one you don’t have yet. So just do a mass evolve now, while I’m reminding you, and don’t miss out on tens or hundreds of thousands of XP by forgetting.

Chew Through As Many 2 KM Eggs As You Can

If you’ve been playing this event a decent amount, you’ve seen that the more eggs you clear out of your current stash, the more they’re usually getting replaced by 2 km eggs. I think it’s something like an 80% probability you’ll get one. My advice is that if you’re someone who isn’t playing with 9 incubators on a time, to focus only on 2 km eggs for the time being. Yes, I know that the Gen 2 starters are now in 5 km eggs, but I have a hunch they might stay there when this is over. The most important thing you can do right now is to get through as many 2 km eggs as you can, as they will have a huge range of hatches from the 5 km and 10 km tiers. I am also guessing that the 2 km eggs you get during this event will still hatch into these other tiers after the event is over, so even if you can’t hatch them all before it ends, at least try to fill your inventory with them to hatch later.

That’s really all the advice I can give you, as this isn’t a terribly complex event. Bigger egg pools and double XP. Not exactly what I would have chosen for a big Easter event, but supposedly larger events are coming this summer, including Legendary Raids, and lord knows there will be plenty to talk about then. For now, enjoy the double XP and bountiful hatches. There are only a few days left to do so.

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Three Things You Should Do Before Pokémon GO’s Easter Eggstravaganza Event Ends

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