Pokemon GO: Trainers Being Locked Out Of The Game?

Trainers had recently started receiving issues with connecting to the servers. Earlier we had seen that Naintic fixed a small problem with the servers. The fix allowed players to see gyms and Pokestops after the server stopped showing them for some trainers. Well, the fix might have caused even more issues than Niantic was hoping for.

There is a new server bug going around that prevents players from playing the game completely. Their accounts won’t even register them into the game.

Don’t worry though trainers, there are a few simple possible fixes you can do if this message shows up on your screen. Though, it will probably show up in your primary language. What is happening is there is a problem with the Safteynet check from google. The software used to see if your phone has been rooted. There seems to be a lot of false positives going around.

How can you fix your game if this shows up for you? If you try and restart Pokemon GO, it might let you back in, however, not all the time. Uninstalling the game and reinstalling might help also if restarting the ap doesn’t work.

Don’t worry, though, if this happens to you. There are a few fixes along with the fact that Niantic is working on solving this issue.

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