Pokemon GO: Strategies on how to save more Stardust and avoid Waste!

Stardust is really crucial and we need it to power up our Pokemon and we get only 100 stardust when we catch 1 Pokemon, while we need thousands of stardust to power up our Pokemon single time!

One of the reddit user Wierdish came up with an idea which is below and it’s pretty helpful!

1) Decide an amount of Stardust you would like to save and do your very best to maintain that amount. Do not break into this fund for anything short of a perfect Lapras. If for some reason you do break into your savings you should consider yourself in debt.

2) Don’t power anything up until you have enough dust to max it out until one level past your current trainer level. This will guard against waste by ensuring you don’t power something up halfway then find something you would rather dust. (Higher IV of same species)

3) When you choose to use dust make sure you’ve got your mind all the way made up. Know if you want to use it on offense or defense and that it has a move set satisfactory to you.

4) If you plan on powering it up to your trainer level for the foreseeable future IVs do become more important after level 30 so keep that in mind. Personally everything needs to be 91~ and up but to each his own. After level 30 you get half the return on your investment so it’s definitely worth taking a hard look at whether or not to continue powering up.

5) To avoid a situation of being in a big deficit everytime you level up, start off each level by evaluating what you plan to power up next level and save that amount of Stardust. Only after you’ve prepared yourself for your next level up should you begin saving up for a brand new addition.

6) Lastly, don’t use Stardust just because you have it. Trust me there will be a time when you get two high IV Vaporeon or whatever in a row and you will wish for that dust back.

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