Pokemon GO: Which Pokemon To Prioritize During The Event

The type-specific events bring collectors back and PvPers are just love taking advantage of catching Pokemon for gym battles. However, which rock type Pokemon should you worry about more than others?

For gym battling, be on the lookout for Larvitar’s for sure. You will want to try to get enough candies to evolve a Tyranitar that has Bite and Stone Edge. Rhyhorns aren’t very common, but common enough to look for a 100% IV rated one. You will want to try and get a Rhydon that has stone edge.

The quick attack doesn’t matter too much because they are all good! Geodude is all over so getting a 100% IV rated Geodude shouldn’t be to hard, just the matter of getting a lucky catch. The main move you want to worry about for Golem is Stone edge. Just like Rhydon, any quick move will do!

If you are looking for gym defenders, then catch ever Onyx you see! Then pray to the RNG gods you get a metal coat. Steelix is one of the best gym defenders in the game as of right now. For moves, you mostly want Heavy Slam. Any quick move will do.

What about prestigers? Don’t worry, Graveler, Omastar, Omanyte, and Sudowoodo are all great Pokemon for Prestiging. As long as they have STAB movesets, you should be ready to start leveling up any gyms you want.

The best Pokemon to walk during this event all depends on what you are after. If you want to work on finishing your collection than it is heavily recommended you use Pokemon you still need to evolve as your buddy. However, if you want to worry more about gym battles. Snorlax, Chansey, Dratini, and Larvitar will all be great choices!

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