Do Pokemon Go Players Need A Switch Team Feature?

Pokemon Go is not a game where players are just hunting and catching Pokemon and hatching an egg. In fact, if you’re an avid Pokemon Go fan, you already made tough decision makings. One of the most difficult decisions that a Pokemon Go player already encountered is when you’re asked which team you should go.

As of writing, no one knows which team is the best unless Niantic team analyzed how each team performs. If you’re already playing the game now, I’m sure you’re already on one team, either Team Mystic, Team Valor or Team Instinct. As a Pokemon Go player, sometimes I’m thinking of switching to another team. But unfortunately, there is no known method on how to do it.

Pokemon Go Team Benefits

To be honest, teams in Pokemon Go does some benefits to each member. For instance, a team may offer an exclusive event for their team that focuses on helping their team member like hunting Pokemon or trading some Pokemon (when the feature arrives). Or maybe, the team member can organize a gathering exclusive for team members for social activities and cause.

Opportunities in Pokemon Go is infinite and so, teams are really important. There are talks from different Pokemon Go community about the switch team feature which is not available right now. According to the report, switch team will be one of the greatest features if implemented.

Is Switch Team Feature Really Needed?

In my opinion, switch team feature is needed in Pokemon Go. Here’s the reason why. If you’re in a community with full of Team Mystic players and you’re in Team Instinct, wouldn’t it be nice if you have the option to switch your team and join Team Mystic? Of course, joining the majority team in your place would be nice especially if the team organized some events specifically for that team. On the other hand, if the switch team feature will be implemented, there should be a limit to only 1 switch team to avoid system abuse.

What do you think about the switch team feature? Do you think having an option to switch to the other team will help you more in the game? Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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  1. EboliOz Reply

    A one off switch via game option would be good, especially useful for friends and family whom have not chosen wisely. ;). Only a one off because of potential abuse.

  2. Garrett langlois Reply

    This is a great idea as I been wAnting to switch teams for quite some time now

  3. Kirk Reply

    Yes please i first start pick for red then later all family went yellow so they go hunting i did not so yes please let so you can chance once and only once

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