‘Pokémon Go’ Halloween Event: Everything You Should Do Before It Ends

Pokémon Go ’s Halloween Event has begun! Starting Oct. 26 to Nov. 1, Pokémon Go players will notice some Pokémon will appear more frequently than they used to, while also rewarding players with extra Pokémon candy and stardust.

There’s a bunch of neat incentives over the Halloween weekend that Pokémon Go players should definitely take advantage of and we put together a list of things you must do before the Pokémon Go Halloween festivities ends.


We know, we’re telling you to catch Pokémon in a mobile game built entirely around the premise of catching Pokémon, but the Halloween Event is a special time where certain Pokémon appear way more frequently than usual.

While location dictates which Pokémon appear, there are certain Pokémon in the Halloween Event that will pique some players’ interests. You should also catch any Pokémon that appears in Pokémon Go because during this time every successful capture gifts six candy instead of the usual three.

Here’s a list of Halloween Event Pokémon that will appear more often:

Zubat; Golbat; Ghastly; Haunter; Gengar; Cubone; Marowak; Meowth;
Persian; Drowzee; Hypno


Every Pokémon Go player can hold a maximum of 250 Pokémon at one time (unless you upgrade the capacity), so you are encouraged to visit Professor Willow to transfer unwanted Pokémon in exchange for candy.

The Halloween Event encourages players to visit the professor and transfer their Pokémon even more. Normally players will receive only one candy for a transfer, but during the event two will be awarded.

This is a perfect time to free up some space and get rid of those low CP Pokémon that, for whatever reason, you haven’t transferred yet.

If you’re having a hard time determine which Pokémon to transfer and which to evolve and train, you can check out our Appraisal Feature Guide.


The Buddy System in Pokémon Go has been an excellent way to earn candy from Pokémon you don’t normally encounter. But the Halloween Event lets your Buddy Pokémon gain more candies quicker by cutting the distance needed for Pokémon to find a candy by a quarter.

If a Pokémon needs only 1km to find a candy, it is now .25km. That makes 3km Pokémon .75km and 5km is now only 1.25km.

This is a great opportunity to rethink who your Buddy Pokémon is. The starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander all need 3km for one candy normally, but you can rack up on their respective candies this weekend if you bring them along.

You want to rack up on Onix candy to prepare for Steelix in Gen 2? Bring Onix as your Buddy Pokémon and it’ll be significantly easier to get candy.

All of the Buddy Pokémon’s distances can be found in our Buddy Guide.

So what are you hoping to accomplish during the Pokémon Go Halloween Event? Let us know in the comments section below.

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