‘Pokemon GO’ Guide: Gen 2 Eevee Evolution Tips & Tricks That Won’t Get You Banned [VIDEO]

Rumors are emerging that the upcoming Generation 2 update for
‘Pokemon GO’ would feature a number of nifty tricks for Eevee’s evolution.

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, and it is
showing no signs of stopping. As the hyper-popular augmented reality game heads
towards its inevitable generation 2 update, many Pokemon aficionados are
speculating about how evolutions would work on some of
the Pokemon franchise’s most popular monsters.

Generation 2 Eevee Evolutions

One particular Pokemon that has become a favorite
in Pokemon GO is Eevee, a monster that is capable of evolving into
different types of creatures. In the game’s current iteration, Eevee is capable
of evolving to Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon, due to the game’s lock-in of
Generation 1 monsters.

Once the Generation 2 update hits, however, players can look
forward to evolving Eevee to its Gen 2 forms, Espeon and Umbreon. While very
little is currently known about how players can acquire these creatures on
the Pokemon GO Generation 2 update, many fans are speculating that
their evolution would be based on the attributes of each monster.

Time Affects Eevee’s Evolution

With Espeon and Umbreon symbolizing daytime and nighttime in
previous Pokemon games, numerous fans are speculating that the
Eevee evolutions for these creatures would be highly dependent on the time
users choose to evolve the Pokemon.  

Thus, there is a pretty good chance that players who wish to
evolve their Eevees to Espeon would need to initiate the evolution of the
Pokemon during the daytime. On the other hand, those who wish to acquire
Umbreon would need trigger Eevee’s evolution at night.

Pokemon Candies are the Key?

In the original Pokemon games,
Eevee’s evolution to Espeon and Umbreon were affected by the player
giving the creature vitamins to gain Friendship points. Unfortunately, neither
vitamins or Friendship points have been used in Pokemon GO so far.
Thus, there is a pretty good chance that Niantic would utilize Pokemon Candies
for Eevee’s Generation 2 evolution once more.

How to Avoid Getting Banned

Considering how prolific Eevee’s evolution to Espeon and
Umbreon are, there is a pretty good chance that the third-party solutions would
be involved in order to somehow manipulate the evolution of the Pokemon.
Knowing how strict Niantic is about cheating, however, there is also a pretty
good chance that Eevee’ evolution would be a point of concern for the developer.

With this said, it would be best to simply follow the rules
when evolving Eevee to Espeon and Umbreon. If rumors prove true, there’s a good
chance that their evolution requirements would be pretty simple anyway. 


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