Pokemon Go: Changing Team And How It Will Be Done

I’ll be explaining how you will be able to change Pokemon GO Teams! If you have played Niantic’s other game Ingress, you will probably already know how the Team Changing will be done.

This is just my theory on how it could be done, since Portals in Ingress are PokeStops in Pokemon Go, and XM rich location in Ingress are most likely Pokemon Spawn in Pokemon Go. There are live events in Ingress, just as Niantic declared last month that there will be Live Events to catch unique Pokemon like Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno etc.

It’s safe to say that team changing will be done the same way it was done in Ingress.

Following is written by: AngryBeaverEU

If you want to change the team in Ingress, you lose everything but your badges. So compared to Pokemon Go: All Pokemon, all inventory items, all EXP – everything! Literally back to square one.

That is the most stupid system ever created and prevented lots of people from changing teams – which maybe was their aim, but that doesn’t make it better.

I hope they will do it more elegant in Pokemon Go – since they made renaming a lot more elegant by implementing it to the client, i hope they will do the same with team changes.

In an ideal world, changing the team leads to following:

  • After 24 hours, you have to go to the menu again and confirm that you still want to change the team. This serves two purposes: Prevent rage-swapping teams (“Sleep a night over it”) and prevent people from trolling you (“Haha, you left your phone on the table, welcome in Team Valor!”). If you confirm the change after 24 and before 72 hours (so you have a window of two days) you immediately change your team.
  • All your Pokemon stationed in gyms return fainted and gyms hit lose the 2000 prestige they gained when you placed that Pokemon.
  • The team-change function gets de-activated for 6 month. (or even 12 month, depending on how many changes you want to have in the game).

That’s the basics. This system should be improved by adding some incentives to change from the strongest and to the weakest team in your region. The best way to do that would be to add the information to your account how long your Pokemon usually stay after you place them at a gym.

The higher the average staying time (with a bonus for the highest staying time) gets, the more stardust and EXP you get for changing to another team. Remember that you can only swap teams every 6 or 12 month in my system, so dishing out up to 20k Stardust and EXP doesn’t seem to be to problematic.

This means: Swapping away from the team that is dominating the area gets rewarded, while swapping away from the team that is dominated isn’t… this definitely isn’t the best system, but it’s one way you could try to encourage people to switch to the weaker teams in your region… (one problem here would be that people could organize and switch the teams together, so they dominated the area before and just all-together swap to another team to dominate the area from there… so you probably need to have some mechanic to prevent that, like reducing the swapping rewards if players who were commonly in gyms with you swapped the teams recently…)

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