Pokemon Go : When Is Our Buddy Actually Going To Follow Us On Map?!

Hey there everyone! Salim here again and I’m back today to discuss something that’s been all on our minds. Most of us have given up or already forgotten because they cant bother to ask anymore, however I’m going to discuss it because it is something that is possible to do and I don’t see why we don’t have it as an option.

My point of view is also from a game developers POV because I work in that industry as well so I know what goes on behind the scenes as well as what is possible for a phone to handle. Anyways lets get to the topic at hand people.

I’m going to be talking about the Pokémon Go Buddy System and why we haven’t gotten the update/option to have our Buddy walk around with us in game on the map, as well as if they should introduce the feature, reasons why it wasn’t put in, and more!

To begin with, let me go ahead and list out some possibilities and reasons:

  • It may cause lag.
  • confusing to players when coming across wild Pokémon
  • Phone unable to keep frame rate constant
  • Glitching
  • Programming issues between main character and side character mapping
  • screen too crowded

There are many more, but these are just some of the few reasons as to why we haven’t gotten this feature added to the game. To make it quick ill summarize it from a game developers POV.

So with mobile games, it is VERY limited as to how much you can have on screen at a time compared to consoles. The fact that Pokémon Go utilizes Google Maps which has to constantly load the map as you walk and extend your distance is the biggest strain on the game so far. Not to mention that it tracks your rotation and direction constantly too. The more things on the screen the slower the game becomes. Your character in the game also slows down the engine, but not as much as the loading of the map. However when both are combined (you can see it whenever you’re driving while playing and your character does that weird run) its clearly visible. Especially whenever Pokémon spawn in while this is happening, that is when the game fails the most and you’re unable to tap on Pokémon to catch them and the game freezes/glitches.

So imagine you’re playing and doing so as well as your buddy Pokémon. Depending on the size of the Pokémon also plays a factor because some Pokémon will take up more of the screen than others while doing their animation on top of that. However nowadays with devices such as the iPhone 7, and Samsung Galaxy 7, as well as other smart phones can handle a pretty good amount of stuff. Technology is getting better so hopefully they will find a balance to incorporate it.

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