Need More PokeCoins After Having Gym Battle ?

As Pokecoins can only be earned  by acquiring Pokemon in Gym there’s a way to earn more of them so here’s a way if you Need More PokeCoins After Having Gym Battle.!

Most of us when we are on routine daily gym runs, after bringing down an opposite gym we keep our mon and quickly move on to the next gym. With the recent Gym changes, opposite team attacking this Gym only needs to defeat 1 mon 1 time(defeating 1 mon=1000 + full clear = 1000)to bring down prestige to 0.

After adding the mon, immediately start training(doesn’t matter what the CP is -just choose your best attacker)and once the battle starts you can move away and the battle will still continue till the end. This way you add a minimum of 100 prestige more to the Gym. Now this requires at least two battles(one to bring the prestige to prestige-2000, one to 0).

This especially works good for Gyms that are accessible right from the road while ppl are just waiting for the signal to change and start battling.This additional minute might be all the difference between your 10 or 20, 40 or 50 coins.

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