How To Get Mega Pokestop In Pokemon GO

I’m sure all of us have used normal Poke stops and what you normally do is flip the Poke stops and get a couple of rewards like Pokeballs. Usually, you only get 3 items and if you are lucky you’ll get a total of 4 rewards because that is how it normally works.

Maybe you’ll also notice this but sometimes when you flip the Pokestops you’ll be rewarded with loads of items at least 6 items but sometimes more than that. And that is called the Mega Pokestop.

How Does Mega PokeStop Works?

Thanks to Cerebr05murF from Reddit for figuring out how does mega Pokestop work. Mega Pokestop system is simple:

“All you have to do is to chain 10 different Pokestops together in a row within a 30 min time span. You have to get 10 different Pokestops all in a row before repeating any of those and in the 10th Pokestop will be a Mega Pokestop and will give you at least 6 items. If you have an open egg slot, you will also receive an egg and it will give you 100 exp bonus.”

Essentially, if you don’t get items from a Pokestop because your bag is full, you can still get the bonus, however, that specific Pokestop won’t count towards your ten unique Pokestops. However, as long as you clear out your bag before you hit the tenth spin, you’ll still get the extra bonus items. Also, if your bag is full on the tenth spin, you will not get the items but you will still get the extra XP bonus.

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