How to Add New Creatures to the Pokedex; Simple Trick to Evolve Holiday Pikachu Into Raichu

New Pokemon has just landed on the “Pokemon Go” database. Unfortunately, players will need to hatch the baby Pokemon before they are added into the Pokedex. Check out the “Pokemon Go” tips below for an easier egg-hatching spree.

Important Note for the New Pokemon 

The newest set of “Pokemon Go” tips reminds fans to make sure that they check the eggs they acquired over the past days. The Gen 2 Pokemon set will only be hatched from eggs that were obtained after December 12. Niantic Labs rolled out the update on the said date.

Nothing Has Changed for Getting New Eggs

The latest “Pokemon Go” tips from fans reveal that there are no changes to the process of getting new eggs. A player just needs to visit a PokeStop nearby and spin for freebies. While the eggs won’t come with every spin, it won’t hurt to keep trying. This is “Pokemon Go,” the game that never tires of making players try.

How to Hatch Gen 2 Pokemon

The long walks are about to start. According to new “Pokemon Go” tips, a player has to place the eggs into incubators. Afterward, the player will need to start taking long walks. The walking process will then hatch different kinds of Gen 2 Pokemon.

Who is the Hottest “Pokemon Go” Creature These Days?

Niantic Labs has unveiled a revamped Pikachu on “Pokemon Go.” Pikachu will sport a Christmas hat all throughout the holiday season but the latest in the hit augmented reality game’s fan base is Raichu.

How to Evolve Holiday Pikachu Into Raichu

It’s very simple. According to the newest “Pokemon Go” tips online, a player simply needs to give Pikachu some candies. However, the lucky number is 50. With 50 candies, players can get a Raichu that features the same Holiday hat Pikachu has.

The Big Catch

Niantic Labs has revealed that players who will capture a Pikachu and a Raichu during the holiday season have a sweet treat. They get to keep both creatures with their Christmas hats even after December 29!

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