FastPokeMap Alternative For Pokemon GO: PokeTracker Available For iOS Devices

FastPokeMap is already gone but another Pokemon GO tracker is eager to take its place. PokeTracker is a tracker that is only available for the iOS device but an Android version may be coming soon.

What PokeTracker Offer?

The iOS Pokemon GO tracker offers notifications and features similar to FastPokeMap such as displaying Pokemon spawn points in a map as well as live lure status. Some Reddit users claimed that it’s a worthy FastPokeMap alternative. The app’s radius is surprisingly wider compared to previous third party trackers.

How Does PokeTracker Work?

The iOS Pokemon GO tracker does not require users to enter their details. The app also shows each Pokemon by type. Players are also informed on where to reach specific spawn points and also it allows them to share such information with other players.

How Safe is Poke Tracker With Niantic Security Net?

PokeTracker developers claimed that their tracker will not put the Pokemon Go player’s account at risk. The dev added that the Niantic will not be able to trace the account of the PokeTracker user.

PokeTracker Developer Assures Continuous Update

The app developer promised an update that will compensate for Niantic’s speed cap on Pokemon GO players travelling at more than 40kph. In fact, the update has already been submitted to the Apple Store and will be release anytime soon. More updates are coming up in the days to come according to the dev. PokeTracker is currently available on the official Apple Store.


Many Pokemon GO players are currently using PokeTracker and are satisfied with it. However, caution should be exercised in using this app since it’s still new and Niantic may find a way to put a stop to PokeTracker just like FastPokeMap. Worse, it may also result in ban for those who are caught using this particular tracker. There are also reports that third party tracker has been crashing on some iPhone and iPad units.

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