Does A Curve Throw Increases The Chance Of Catching Pokemon

As we all know 10 XP bonus is provided for landing a Curve Ball. But the question has long remained: does throwing CurveBall increase odds of capturing a wild encounter?According to sources have been conflicting, with many travelers swearing by the throw method and others claiming capture rates are only affected by other factors. Statistically meaningful results had not previously been gathered to confirm.

There was a small research conducted by the SilphRoad and the result seen was amazing,There IS AN INCREASE in catch rate using Curve Balls over Straight throws!

Both Nice and Great throws achieved statistical significance, while Excellent lacked sufficient samples (though the trend has been included for reference). Even though samples were not controlled for ring size, No Bonus curved throws still showed a significant capture rate increase.


So here it is clearly see the Curve Ball throw guarantees the better catching rate on the pokemon.So what is your way of throwing a Pokeball Straight or a Curve..?

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