Buddy System Swapping, Do You Switch Often Or Grind One Until Evolution?

Hey there everyone! Today I’m going to be discussing another Pokémon Go poll that I would love to get the communities opinion on!

As far as the Buddy system goes, and especially during this Halloween event that’s going on right now, is it smart to grind away at one particular Pokémon and save up on that candy? Or is it better to swap your buddy after a certain amount of kilometers have been collected for one and then swap between your other Pokémon so you’re gathering steps for each of them to gather candy?

If it seems confusing, ill go further in depth and be more specific as to each choice. So with that said lets begin!

As far as the first option, which was:

Grind only 1 Pokémon and stack up on Candy for them using the Buddy System.

Is this the option you are doing and if so is it the best option? I’m asking because with this event ALL Pokémon km has been reduced heavily to acquire candy. So stacking up and collecting as much as possible would be a breeze for some people. However, without this event present, it takes a while to gather candy.

This option would allow you to gather enough to evolve that 1 Pokémon you’ve been waiting for. Which is what we all want at the end of the day(A fully Pokedex).

As for the second option, which was:

Swapping back and forth between your Pokémon you want to get candy for and collect km for multiple Pokémon at a time.

This way could be slower to evolving Pokémon since you’re always switching back and forth between different ones, however its more of a long-term plan seeing as you’re considering to stack up candy for all your Pokémon at the same time. This could be seen as the smarter plan of the two if you’re strategic enough to know the different numbers and how many km it takes for each Pokémon. However the downfall of this plan is that without this event that’s going on, this method would be terrible. I see this as the better one only during an event like this when the km required are very very low!

So with that said, which method do you think is better? Which one are you currently doing right now as far as your Buddy System Technique?

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