How to make your House spawn Multiple Pokemon at once – Theory

If you could get your house to spawn multiple Pokemon each hour?

It’d be totally awesome if you can get your house to spawn multiple Pokemon every hour? I have theory for that and it should work since at some point it worked for me and once it works for you, please comment below and let me know!

I live in a rural area and no Pokestop for 33 KM or 20.5 Miles, so when I made Pokemon Go account, out of all place in my area, my house spawns 1 Pokemon every hour, afterward I got my wife and my sister to play the game as well, they made the account from same location at our house, so now the spawn rate for Pokemon at my house is 2-3 Pokemon per hour.

So my theory is Niantic has installed a specific feature in their system for Pokemon, that will spawn Pokemon wherever a Pokemon Go account is made and Geo Location is on, because if that’s not the case then think about it, rural area players will have no spawn at all since there aren’t many Pokestop or players.

So the idea is, if you made a Pokemon Go account at your place while your Geo Location is activated, the place will spawn one Pokemon each hour, since you only made one account there.

So according to my theory, if you want your house to spawn multiple Pokemon then you would need to create multiple accounts from your phone. However making more than one account is against Niantic’s Policy, so what you can do is, use your Family, or a friends’ phone and start the method this way.

If you do this method, then you should see an increase of spawns each hour based upon how many phones have the game installed around you.

Earlier I made a post on about a Pokemon Trainer, he
lives in an apartment and he gets clusters spawns every hour and you can see a
screenshot below

Don’t you want that to happen at your place as well?

So I want few people to try out my theory, I’m sure we can definitely see an increase in Pokemon Spawn Rate! Thanks for taking your time to read! Leave comments below!

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  1. James Bruce Reply

    I have the same theory and have said this from almost day one. When both my wife and son were actively playing all the time the spawn rate was pretty good. Now that my son has quit and my wife doesn’t play all that often at home….not so much spawning occurring. I believe your theory has a lot of merit brother. I live in a seriously rural area with no poke stops within reach as well….and I have pokemon spawn at my house all the time.

  2. AvatarAang926 Reply

    I don’t know. My siblings and I all started our accounts in our home, and there’s 4 of us. We only get 1 Pokemon per hour.

  3. Lynn Reply

    There are three people who play at my home …in a rural area and nothing spawns…so i think this is b.s….. ive even used an insence on accident and didnt spawn a thing….

  4. Slayyer28 Reply

    There have been four accounts started at my house, and besides the starter three no pokemon have ever spawneed at my house.

  5. Heather Reply

    I have noticed since the spawn change this past Monday September 26th that the spawn is more consistent with this theory however prior to that there have been 5 players in our eyebrow cul-de-sac that I know of and we all seem to play consistently and when at home the game is on even if we are not actually carrying it around the house with us. We all start downloaded and started the game for our homes however the spawn rate was about 4 a day. We also live in a neighborhood that is pretty active in Pokemon Go however throughout the neighborhood we have sporadic spawns and no heavy spawns with the exception of two areas that are defsignated wetlands that we are unable to access due to terrain, accessibility, and trespassing possibilities. Very few go into those areas but the spawns are about every 5-10 minutes with several Pokemon being available at the same time.

  6. Kiri Reply

    Me and my husband created in our house and nothing, not even 1 🙁 Maybe we are TOO rural.

  7. Starmother Reply

    There are 5 accounts created and used at my house, there is one pokestop half a km away and no others for miles. We have never seen a pokemon spawn without using incense.

  8. Weazul Reply

    I made an account at home and my friend who lives close by on the same street as me made her account at home as well. we haven’t seen a single pokemon spawn near our houses. the closest one I’ve seen spawn nearby spawned a little ways down a street that comes off of ours while I was doing a little walking.

  9. Anil Reply

    When I started playing, there was not much spawning in my apartment. There were several spawning in the nearby building, for which I had to walk out of mine, walk across the street. Since I started playing regularly .. I’ve had Pokemon spawning rather regularly in my apartment, especially recently. I live in a city.

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