Ditto has been captured! Pictures!

Today, Aaron Gates, Alex Pertucci, and Adam Irzyk all posted on Facebook to prove they captured Ditto. They contacted and tagged my via Rhode Island’s Pokemon GO community page it turns out they actually did! Three of them, all catching the same Magikarp, received Ditto and it is not a glitch. [UPDATE: It seems so far you can capture Ditto from Pidgey, Zubat, Magikarp, and Ratatta. Angie Brassard, Ryan Volton, and hundreds of others for giving us information — we thank you!]


The following is the same user verifying with the location:


This was our conversation via Rhode Island Pokemon Go page.


Another Reddit user also caught Ditto!


Here is Ditto as a buddy courtesy to Kristen Marie (also charge your phone):


Pokedex screen compliments to Stoneguitar6:


Right now, thousands are flocking online communities with their pictures. You all deserve to be happy because this is an AWESOME accomplishment!

If anyone else has information, please reach out and let me knowwhat type of Pokemon you caught that turned into Ditto! Huge shout out to little Rhode Island, USA, for joining together and finding Ditto!let me know

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