Starter Event Over? Every December event will end!

Pokemon go was the real hype for 2016 which lasted for quite a long time, and now its time for 2017. Wishing ever reader a very happy new year. Last month was the real gift and surprise for all the Pokemon Go players, Niiantic launched so many updates last year i.e Dec 2016. Including Gen2 pokemon as baby pokemon that players received by hatching also a special Holiday event which is still ongoing. During all this Niantic didn’t forget to have a nest migration.

This entire event and no ending? Nope every start has end, every day has night same way every december event will end.

As we buzz through reddit people reported that they have seen Starter event end for a instance redditer  ZenonCrow said when she was on a round playing Pokemon Go she encounter starter pokemon getting switch by Pidgey. Here’s what she mentioned in her post.

My husband and I were playing PoGo just now. We saw a Bulbasaur spawn around us. My husband started the encounter and I didn’t do it quick enough – my game froze. When I rebooted the game I found that the exact same location contains now a Pidgey instead of a Bulbasaur. I caught the Pidgey and it has the same IVs and level as the Bublasaur my husband caught. Should I believe all of the starter Pokemon reverted back to regular spawns?

Also some other players reported same thing. You can see it here. So the event ended already? Did this happen to you too?

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