Six Pokemons Can Now Train All At Once, New Gym Mechanics Promote Fair Chances ‘Pokemon GO’ Guide, Latest News & Update


“Pokemon GO” new update is suggested to allow players easily train their Pokemons at gyms. Additionally, an earlier announcement from “Pokemon GO” developer Niantic revealed that the new game update will also bring catch bonus rewards.

The most recent “Pokemon GO” announcement from its official page revealed that trainers of all levels will now be allowed to bring six Pokemons inside friendly gyms. Additionally, the combat points of the opponent’s Pokemon will be adjusted parallel to the player’s Pokemon strength temporarily.

The new “Pokemon GO” update apparently aims to promote equality among all trainers with different levels. Trainers will be given a fair chance to prove their Pokemon capabilities inside friendly gyms with the implementation of the new mechanics in the upcoming “Pokemon GO” update.

Apart from the new “Pokemon GO” gym rules, Niantic Labs also announced that the next update will integrate a new reward system. “Pokemon GO” trainers will now be given catch bonus rewards if they were able to complete a specific number of a certain Pokemon type.

The new rewards system is suggested to bring more excitement in catching Pokemons in “Pokemon GO.” “Pokemon GO” trainers will be given medals depending on the type of Pokemons they caught such as Kindler, Psychic and Gardener.

The official blog post  described that if a trainer reached a higher level of Kindler medal, the catch bonus could be used in catching a rare Fire-type Pokemon such as Charmander. The same mechanics apply if a “Pokemon Go” trainer completed another medals that correspond to different Pokemon types.

Moreover, “Pokemon GO” trainers can increase their levels and obtain more medals by catching more Pokemons with similar types. However, if a certain Pokemon has multiple types, the catch bonus should be the average of the “Pokemon GO” trainer’s bonuses for each type.

“Pokemon GO” developer, however, has not revealed the official release of the said updates yet. What do you think of the new “Pokemon GO” update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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