It seems as if the speed limit for Pokemon GO has increased!

Have you noticed a change in the speed cap recently?

Niantic has been messing with this speed cap for a month or so now, allowing trainers to drive safer when reaching a Poke Stop. This speed cap is Niantics effort in saving lives so I do respect it. The speed cap has been lowered a few times now, and it seems as if they increased it to around 30MPH or a bit higher. I personally haven’t noticed any changes for my area.

Tons of trainers from sorrytryanotherone‘s reddit topic have elaborated on how they’ve been able to reach Poke Stop strings in ways they haven’t been able to for weeks due to a possible change in the speed cap. If they did increase it a bit with the new tracker expansion then it seems like Niantic is now focusing on the communities effort to reach out to them for the better of the game. 

Tons of trainers have been complaining about the speed cap since it first came around, which we knew from the start that a feature like this would be touchy with the community, though you do have to save potential lives lost from accidents when you have a fan base this huge.

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  1. Beth Reply

    I haven’t really noticed this in my neck of the woods, but my son and myself would ve very happy to see this.

  2. Lv4kiki Reply

    That being said, couldn’t you use the argument that all games should have a speed cap? I personally hate the speed cap. I used to play from the passenger seat on both mine and my boyfriends phone and on the bus on the way to work. Can’t do that anymore and I feel it’s taken a lot of fun out of the game.

  3. David Reply

    Why does the speed cap apply to the Go Plus? The Go Plus is safe to use when driving as all you have to do is press a button.

  4. Janyssa Miller Reply

    Well I am not real happy (nor is my son) with the cap. My son does not drive, so when we are in the car together he is the one doing both of our games. But with the cap even my son (as passenger) is screwed..

    Don’t get me wrong please. I do understand the concern, but it just is not fair to passengers in a vehicle…

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