Seattle and Arizona will have an opportunity to test the new Pokemon Tracking Feature!

Seattle and Arizona will have an opportunity to test the new Pokemon Tracking Feature! 

As every Pokemon GO trainer has experienced, the sightings feature for Pokemon GO as of now is not reliable and we can barely even use it unless you’re a mathematician. The game has had quite a few F**k ups that the game developers at Niantic seem to fix very quickly, even though this tracking feature has literally taken forever to be released.

The original 3 step tracking feature was beneficial even if it was glitchy, trainers actually preferred to use this glitchy feature over the sightings feature Niantic replaced it with. Once they released the sightings update, they also released a new tracking feature that was geo locked to San Francisco.

Now the new Tracking feature is now making its way to Seattle and Arizona, while expanding across the entire San Francisco area. This is wonderful news for all of us, as an expansion means they’re reaching the end of their beta process for the feature.

All lucky players in the area of Arizona, Seattle and San Francisco will be loving their new update, while the rest of us suffer with this ridiculous sightings feature. Boy I cannot wait for this tracking feature to expand across the globe! If you’ve got the chance to test it out, be sure to send me some images or video of how it works at @UchihaKoji on twitter. I would love to share it with the world and our community thanks!

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