Are Pokémon in Gyms Getting Too Ridiculous?

If Pokémon Go was to have a cap on some gyms it will make life easier for low level players or new players just starting to pick p the game.

After playing Pokémon Go for some time now I have started to notice that gyms are getting a little harder to take over. Basically if you have Pokémon under 2000 CP you don’t have a chance, with every gym I go past having two or three maxed out Snorlax’s or six Dragonites.

Now this makes the game incredibly hard for casual players and could be a reason why some players have stopped playing the game.

After looking into the issue on social media I found out that this is happening all around the world, and unless you have a lot of free time on your hands so that you can continue levelling up, trainers wont be able to compete in gyms.


‘Sadly it’s really hard to find gyms around me now with anything less than 2000cp Snorlax or Dragonite on.If I get my 2165 Lapras on a local gym it’s in the bottom slot and first bumped out’ said someone from the UK on Redditt.

And this is not the only person to be having trouble ‘It’s only going to get worse. Outside NYC, you really need 2700+ CP. Every gym looks like a carbon copy. 5-6 Dragonites, with 2-3 maxed Snorlax/Lapras at lvl 34+, and 1-2 maxed Exeggutors/Arcanines at the bottom’ said another from the US.

Now obviously these trainers who are level 30 and above haven’t done anything wrong and are just simply playing the game.

But if Niantic is to keep these casual players who cant compete with these guys interested, they need to do something about this.


So I have come up with a suggestion as to what Niantic can do, if Pokémon Go was to have a cap on some gyms it will make life easier for low level players or new players just starting to pick p the game.

One thing I always hate when I get a game late and play online is the ridiculous advantage other players have against me. A lot of online console or PC games have a ranking system, where you can only go up against players of a similar rank and only play against higher ranks if you were invited in.

Now not all games have this but Niantic should have something similar, and yes that would be extremely difficult in a reality game like Pokémon Go, but not impossible.

What they can do is put a cap on some gyms such as a gym which can only have someone under level 20 compete in it and then another can have players from lever 20 to 25 with the numbers continuing for instance.


This can make life easier for players who don’t have ridiculously strong Pokémon and therefore can still compete in gyms because they will have their own gyms to compete in.

This also may allow the introduction of more gyms in areas as players may have to travel further if every gym cap around them is too high or too low.

For now however this is only and idea as I strongly think that Pokémon Go heading in a direction where casual players don’t have a chance.

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  1. Scott Piehler Reply

    I’ve said this for weeks. I mean, I’m at Level 29. I can hold my own, and singlehandedly take down gyms of Level 5 or lower, depending on my patience. But since the update that allowed training in friendly gyms with 6 Pokemon, I really haven’t had to do much to maintain 5 Pokemon daily to collect 50 coins. (This allows me a new incubator every 3 days). Great for me, stagnation for lower players.

    Since the update, coming across a level 3 gym is super-rare. It used to be the norm.

    I’m with you: gym caps by trainer level. Ninatic, hope you’re listening.

  2. dean f voshell Reply

    Bad idea really bad idea 3 team fighting for gyms and you wanting to add system that would limit you from fighting in some of the gyms. It clear you was a kid that got screwed over by school system by giving everyone a trophy even last place

  3. Bird Reply

    The problem is, there is already a great equalizer built within the game… Pokémon type… As one who lives in a city, I have seen (and experienced) what an advantage type and move set can be. In my low 20s, I was taking down gyms in this manner.

  4. snave.relyt Reply

    Agreed with bird, I am consistently going into gyms with Pokémon 1300+ below the cp of the gyms pokemon on there team gyms due to type. I am at lvl 29, do I have to do it, no. Is it easier via type, yes. Play smart, dodge, don’t button mash, etc.

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