Pokemon Go’s latest update breaks Go Plus connection

Pokemon Go may be dropping in popularity, but there are still millions of folks who play. Right now, however, the people with Pokemon Go Plus are a bit miffed that the most recent patch for the game seems to have borked the pairing of the game with the accessory.

“Trainers may experience issues with Pokémon GO Plus. We’re aware and are working on a fix. Stand by for an update,” developer Niantic has posted on its support page. The release yesterday of 1.13.3 for iOS and 0.43.3 for Android has made the game and the Go Plus device so they cannot communicate, even though a message says the two are connected. Even unpairing the two or rebooting your phone does not solve the problem.

Niantic  tweeted that the iOS 1.13.4 and Android 0.43.4 updates will fix minor bugs, without mentioning Go Plus specifically. Hopefully the patch will fix the issue, as it is unlikely that fans who dropped $70 for the accessory see this issue as a minor bug.

The game, which has earned more than $600 million faster than any other mobile game, is in the middle of a Halloween event, which runs through November 1.

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