Pokemon Go Update: Finding Charizard And Other Rare Pokemon Will Be Easier Than Before


There is good news for Pokemon Go fans that are having a hard time finding Charizard. These elusive Pokemon have similar hiding skills with rare Pokemon. Since Pokemon nests have been recently updated, and it is of course obvious that they are now distributed all around the world. However, there are only specific nests where a Pokemon spawns. It is like hanging out near a Charmander nest for quite some time, and eventually finding a Charmander spawn on the map.

The Silph Road is now filled with reports and posts related toPokemon evolution that are spawning at nests. This was not possible previously since necessary requirements have to be met first before a Pokemon evolves. Therefore, fans have happily assumed that there is a possibility of finding a Charmeleon, or luckily a Charizard, within a Charmander nest. The process for the spawning of these Pokemon is not however clearly stated. The Redditor carypalmer posted on the Silph Road about his experience, and he said “I have had all the nests in SA/Austin fixed and monitored for the past four hours and the scanner is showing Sandslashes at Sandshrew nests,Nidorinos at Nidoran nests, etc.”

The interested researchers of Pokemon Go are working hard just to determine how exactly these events are happening, as well as what it means if it is indeed true. If these findings are actually true, then this is a great advantage for trainers, since it will take less time to find them in the wild – especially your favorite Pokemon. Users have been hoping that they can still find more truth to this. Finding evolved Pokemon in the nest is just as convenient as ever. It will require less effort on the trainers’ part. If you want to participate in the discussion, you may check The Silph Road for more updates.

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