Pokemon GO Update: FastPokeMap Banned By Niantic, PoGO Boycott Called?

Pokemon GO Update: FastPokeMap Banned By Niantic, PoGO Boycott Called?

Pokemon GO players who use the FastPokeMap tracker were caught off guard when it recently required a captha. It seems the tracker was caught by Niantic’s updated safety net.

FastPokeMap Blocked By

FastPokeMap was the most popular third party tracker used by Pokemon GO players until now when it got caught by the updated safety net. The app developer admitted on Twitter that the Niantic ban “will be tough to bypass.” The new security measures adopted by Niantic require FastPokeMap users to solve a captcha for every scan. The developer was so frustrated that he is asking for Pokemon GO players to boycott the game.

The latest FPM tweets mentioned that either the developer pay around $4,000 a day to solved all the captcha or simply abandoned the Pokemon GO tracking app. FPM is still working but only at 20 percent capacity. Interestingly, the FPM developer is conducting a survey if Pokemon GO players are willing to solve a captcha for each scan.

FastPokeMap Shutdown
API Access

Days before the Niantic safety net, FPM shut its API from all but a few third party apps. This action made FastPokeMap the only reliable Pokemon GO third party tracker. The reason given for the API access shutdown was to avoid overtaxing the servers and to save on costs.

Pokemon GO players
Angered By Niantic’s Safety Net

It seems FastPokeMap is not only the Pokemon GO third party app affected by the New Niantic Safety Net. Pokemon GO Reddit groups are complaining that their rooted smartphones could no longer play the game. Some of the posts were quite heated. A number of posters insist that they would rather keep their rooted device than continue to play Pokemon GO.

Niantic lose a lot of Pokemon GO players in recent months. However, the game still has a sizeable user base. Only time will tell if Pokemon GO can still prosper without third party trackers such as FastPokeMap.

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