Pokemon GO Third Party Tracker FastPokeMap Cracks Niantic Safety Net; FPM Ready By Sunday?

Pokemon Go third party tracker FastPokeMap may be up and running on Oct. 23. The FPM developer posted the bold claim recently.


FastPokeMap Comes Back To Pokemon GO?

The FastPokeMap dev posted on Twitter that the most popular Pokemon GO Tracker is coming back this Sunday or Monday at the latest. The FPM developer claimed that they have successfully cracked the Niantic safety net placed on Pokemon GO. FPM users will have to wait for two more days since the code cracker has to go to sleep first, according to the dev’s latest tweet.


FastPokeMap Posts Pokemon GO Reverse Engineering Updates

The FM team posted their Pokemon GO reverse engineering efforts via Twitter. The interaction was a lively one. FPM fans tweeted back their thanks and even offered a technical advice or two to the tracker developer. A Twitter picture of the FPM coding work can be seen here.

FastPokeMap API To Be Shared?

The have been recent denial of service (DDO) attacks against many online social sites. But that has not stopped many FPM fans from talking about it in various social forums such as Reddit. In a show of magnanimity, the tracking app’s newest API will be shared to the public. This means any developer can use the API for their own tracking app or for another purpose altogether.


Niantic Response to FPM

It is believed that Pokemon Go developer Niantic will not take the FPM return lightly. Niantic founder John Hanke is known for his dislikes of third party apps particularly those that make use of the game’s API resources. The developer however, is working on an in-game tracker for Pokemon GO. For now, the new tracker is only available to Pokemon GO players in San Francisco, California. If it’s better than FPM, Niantic may finally put an end to all third party trackers.


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