‘Pokemon Go’ Thanksgiving Event Announced by Niantic

Niantic has just announced a special Thanksgiving event for Pokemon Go.

This comes a few weeks after Niantic held the game’s first special event event at the end of October to celebrate Halloween, allowing players to collect additional candy for about a week. This was quite well received and inspired a lot of fans to return to the app after leaving it untouched on their phone for a long time. For Thanksgiving, Niantic is rolling out a similar concept. They actually don’t specifically mention Thanksgiving in the announcement, but that’s very clearly the reason for the event.

From Wednesday, November 23rd through Wednesday, November 30th, players will receive double XP and double Stardust for performing tasks in Pokemon Go. 

Trainers in Pokemon Go receive XP for performing a variety of basic activites that they would already be doing, including transferring and evolving Pokemon. Throughout this event, for every Pokemon you evolve, you will earn 1000 XP. You’ll also get 200 XP for every single Pokemon you catch.

Here are all of the XP rewards in the game, as well as the special amount of XP you’ll gain throughout the week.


Event Reward

Throw a curveball

20 XP

Get a “nice throw”

20 XP

Get a “great throw”

100 XP

Get an “excellent throw”

200 XP

Hatch a 2km egg

400 XP

Hatch a 5km egg

1000 XP

Hatch a 10km egg

2000 XP

Successfully capture any Pokemon

200 XP

Successfully capture a new Pokemon species

1000 XP

Unsuccessfully capture any Pokemon (i.e. the Pokemon flees)

50 XP

Capture your 100th Pokemon of the same species (then 200th, 300th, etc)

200 XP

Evolve any Pokemon

1000 XP

Visit a Pokestop that has fewer than six items

100 XP

Visit a Pokestop that has six or more items

200 XP

Visit 10 unique Pokestops within 30 minutes

200 XP

Defeat a Pokemon in an enemy gym

200 XP

Successfully clear an enemy gym

100 XP

And here is the full announcement of the Thanksgiving event courtesy of Niantic:


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