Pokemon Go: Something New Coming?

Pokemon go was the real hype for 2016 which lasted for quite a long time, and now it’s time for 2017. Wishing ever reader a very happy new year. Last month was the real gift and surprise for all the Pokemon Go players, Niiantic launched so many updates last year i.e Dec 2016. Including Gen2 pokemon as baby pokemon that players received by hatching also a special Holiday event which is still ongoing. During all this Niantic didn’t forget to have a nest migration.

What we are having next? Trading? New Gen 2? Legendary Pokemon, which Niantic could be holding back for a special release date. Pokemon Go fans are unlikely to receive the big Legendary Pokemon update until next year.

During all this Redditer gogeta2706 mentions he has received a mail from Niantic on 30/12/2016 mentioning a new update would be coming in few weeks, that is somewhere in January 2017. He says in his post

 “Got this mail from Niantic on 30/12/2016. What might the special message be?”

What do you think this update would be bringing? Legendary Pokemon? Easter event? Trading? or something more secret? Stay with us for more updates on this.

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