Pokemon Go Sighting Radius Increased !!? Are the players really happy?

As the gaming giant Pokemon Go entered the market with a big bang in the market crossing millions of download in just few weeks of launch, later even having such great features but less communication with the user Pokemon Go lost many of its user. Although after Halloween Event it gained back its position(Partially).

Bringing many new features in the game Pokemon Go i.e Niantic’s developer are still not able to convince old players to come back.Even though Niantic managed to keep its existing players happy, Niantic recently added many minor features in the game including some bug fixing and other.Bringing ditto in game was major success for game, also code seekers were able to to find 2nd generation Pokemon which are expected to be included by end of december (NO OFFICIAL DATE IS DISCLOSED YET).

Althoght the update 0.43 brought a big change that is a speed limit to access the Pokestop but,Recently the at Sliph Road they were able to see a major change i,e the radius of Sighting Radius has now been expanded to 200 meters which was previously at 50 meters.It is a great news for the players who live far away from PokeStops.

With this minor fix are the players really happy? or do we players need SECOND GENERATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ,better gym battles , trading feature, tracking system and this list is long.As its always mentioned by me that the game is still in development, much amusing and heart taking feature would be coming so just be happy playing this amazing adaption of Pokemon in our life.

So what are your thoughts on this…? Did it work ?

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