Pokémon Go: Should The Evolution Cost Be Reduced?

Hey all, now with Pokémon Go getting more and more Pokémon added to the game as generation two is slowly being released, should the cost of evolutions be reduced?

Now I don’t mean making the game easier I mean making it fairer, as we will now have more Pokémon and therefore, a larger variety of Pokémon to catch.

This will most likely make it harder to catch multiples of the same Pokémon, as there is such a big increase in the amount of spawn variety.

Unless Niantic once again increase the amount of spawns we get, which will then mean they would need to give us more items from poke-stops, as we are struggling enough as it is already, then we need to reduce the cost of evolutions.

If you think collecting 50,100, 150 or even 300 candies for evolutions for Muk and Dratini for example, then imagine when there are a larger variety of Pokémon wandering around.

Many players on the Silph Road think that Niantic should decrease the cost in candies required for evolutions, when more Pokémon are introduced as well.

Obviously Niantic haven’t shown us any signs of this actually happening anytime soon but I feel as if its necessary.

This should not only be limited to generation one Pokémon, and instead include the generation two Pokémon being brought in.

Pokémon Go already takes up a lot of time, with more Pokémon spawning it will only increase the amount of time needed for us to be competitive.

It may be a wired thing to introduce but as its considered hard enough already to evolve some of these Pokémon we have now, then it will only get harder when more are introduced therefore, there should be a decrease in the candies cost.

Do you think there should be a decrease in the candies cost for evolutions? Please let us know in the comments below.

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