Pokémon Go: Niantic updates total walking distance and captured Pokémon figures!

That is simply amazing.

Back in September, Niantic released data suggesting Pokemon Trainers around the world walked a staggering 4.6 billion kilometers. As of December 7th, this figure increased to 8.7 billion kilometers (that is roughly 200,000 times around the Earth). Niantic also released details on the total amount of Pokemon captured. Over 88 billion Pokemon have been captured since launch which translates to roughly 533 million Pokemon a day.

I should mention these figures include the initial wave of Pokemon players that no longer play, but regardless the number is still impressive. One could argue the walking distance would be significantly greater if countries such as India received the game earlier; stemming off this, if Niantic can address the issue with rural communities and countries such as Philippines having little Pokestops, we could witness an increase step-count. They have acknowledged this and are working on ways to address long-term stability.

On the contrary, travel distance include numbers before the introduction of the speed cap, which further inflates the represented value. To argue this point, however, the in-game GPS does not fully capture our steps accurately but rather pins in intervals and often lowers our projected step-value. As you can tell, the argument goes round-and-round.

Either way, the numbers are impressive and several researchers (including myself) are exploring the benefits of Pokemon Go and physical activityand/or sedentary lifestyles. We commend you for the wonderful game Niantic and, because of the possible health benefits, it is imperative we work together to continue fair play for everyone so all can benefit.

Below is the direct message from Niantic via Facebook announcement (which includes a cool little video):

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