Pokémon Go New Bug, Logging Out Users After Certain Time

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Hello, everyone, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Enjoy what you get, and remember to stay grateful. A Reddit user by the username PatientlyWaitingfy ended up with a Pokémon Go Plus for Christmas. Those things sold out fast! One could only imagine his excitement.

There seems to be a bug going around with the Pokémon Go Plus at the moment. Have you witnessed it yet? After leaving the game up for so long with a locked screen, the game seems to be logging people out. This frustrating bug could leave trainers worried for their accounts use. It shows symptoms of an account being hacked or maybe even banned.

The game isn’t logged out of if you leave your phone running. That kind of defeats the purpose of the useful watch, though, doesn’t it? Pokémon Go plus is supposed to allow users to spin at stops and catch already obtained Pokémon without a phone

After keeping your phone locked for around 10 minutes, this is when you can see the bug. So far it seems to only effect Android phones, which is most of the Pokémon Go community. Not to worry, though, if your phone doesn’t have enough RAM then it will close apps to allow the phone to run smoothly.

If this happens to you and you don’t have low RAM. It may be time to send a wave of bug reports to Niantic so they can work on fixing this as soon as possible! Remember this only affects those with the Pokémon Go Plus. If you don’t have the device, then you should be perfectly fine.

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