‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Affirms Second Gen To Come Out; Two New Patches In Upbeat?


“Pokemon Go” second gen is scheduled to be released next year in May 2017. The details came from Niantic. Also, two new patches are slated for release this year

 According to Ecumenical News, this October The “Pokemon Go “Trading will be ready to download.Fans have been urging this from before since they knew about the trading essentials. This December or January 2017 “Pokemon Go” Trainer Battles are slated to dominate the gaming arena.

“Pokemon Go” and its latest modification would allow the players to meet face to face with each other. Also, some projected that the new feature would be launched during the winter season or during the holidays wherein players have ample time do meet ups.

Also, it takes four months to emerge,try out, and utilize the game .To commend the present four region lock of the game the second generation, “Pokemon Go” will also consider some region locked Pokemons.Fans are having a slight clue on what “Pokemon Go” monsters will be considered.

Some are also anticipating the release of the new feature called buddy “Pokemon, reports Opp Trends. Fans are already having an idea as to what monsters would be added on the game.They are already expecting that Heracross would be for Asia and Miltank will be devoted to North America. Moreover, Aipon and Girafrig (Africa) and Stantler would be for North America,Canada or Europe.

Other monsters are presume to rise are Dunsparce (Middle East),Corsola ( Australia),Snubbull Europe), Sudowoodo and Yanma in South America. These are all anticipated to be featured in the second installment of “Pokemon Go.”

Players should expect more from Niantic,since they already reveal two new features to the public. As of the moment, no further details were given by Niantec regarding the upgrades for “Pokemon Go.”

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  1. Wesley Birch Reply

    Region locked pokemon sucks. It takes the fun out of the game for those people who don’t or can’t travel, we want to be able to actually catch them all. And I know people will say “that’s what trading will be for” but who’s going to grab a bunch of region locked pokemon to trade with people. The game is going to end up losing more player instead of gaining them. Pokemon go needs to be more like the actual pokemon games. Battling to help catch Pokémon, repels, daycare/breeding, shinys, battling other trainers, things like that. I hope they will at least try these things out.

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