Pokémon Go Is Coming To Android-Wear

Pokémon Go Is Coming To Android-Wear

Grand launch of Pokémon Go during iPhone 7 launch showed Pokémon Go being available in Apple Watches, but today we are very happy and excited to show you the future of Pokémon Go in Android Wear.

Here’s what was found out:

  1. Android app contains a whole new pokemongoplus project referencing Pokémon GO implementation on Android Wear.
  2. The code implementation is marked as complete and release ready Android Watch will also use Bluetooth to communicate with your Android Smartphone.
  3. The communication between the smartphone app and your Android watch is encrypted (AES).
  4. Pokémon GO Plus works in the background and it is not required to keep the smartphone app opened while playing on the watch.
  5. A variety of Android Wear devices smart watches are supported, the code scans for watch characteristics and adapts accordingly.
  6. Some Android Wear devices work with iOS also. The data mined implementation suggest you’ll be able to use an Android smartwatch and pair it with iOS

Here’s the code and data mining report, in lay mans terms!


  • The first hint that Pokémon GO is coming to Android Wear came in the form of a newly added project inside the 0.37.0 APK file. The project is named pokemongoplus and contains the entire Android and Android Wear implementation of GO Plus platform.
  • GO Plus referenced in the Android version of Pokémon GO.
  • GO Plus referenced in the Android version of Pokémon GO.
  • The final confirmation was discovered inside a file called R.class. The class contains constants that are used elsewhere in the code. We found references to Android Wear, related Google and Android Wear utility services.

There is also a conformation that GO Plus works in the background. The Background_Service.class file revealed the entire implementation and actions that will operate in the background. In simple terms, GO Plus can do the following while running in the background:

  • Track and Capture Pokémon.
  • Retrieve one or multiple items.
  • Notify the Android app on various errors: out of Pokeballs, inventory full, etc.

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