Happy Birthday Mewtwo “Pokemon-Go”

February 6th is a very special day in Pokemon lore. Today marks the in-game birthday of Mewtwo, the Legendary “final boss” Pokemon found in the post-game of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. In the original games, Mewtwo was the result of an unnamed rogue scientist’s savage gene-splicing experiments on a pregnant Mew. When Mewtwo was born, it grew too powerful and eventually fled to the Cerulean Cave, where players can encounter him after beating the Elite Four. While the scientist is unnamed, it’s implied that Mr. Fuji, the kindhearted man who gives players the Poke Flute, is Mewtwo’s creator.

In the anime, Mewtwo was a Team Rocket creation. Team Rocket hired Fuji to clone Mewtwo and several other Pokemon, which Fuji agreed to only because he also wanted to clone his deceased daughter. Mewtwo watched as his fellow clones died and eventually grew to despise both humans and Pokemon. After working for Team Rocket, he broke free and created his own Pokemon clones, leading to the events of Mewtwo Strikes Back. Mewtwo made one other appearance several years later, recruiting Ash and his friends to stop Giovanni’s renewed attempts to capture Mewtwo once again.

Mewtwo has remained one of Pokemon’s most popular characters. He’s appeared in multiple Super Smash Bros. games as an unlockable character, was a featured character in Pokken Tournament, and was the first Legendary Pokemon to receive a Mega Evolution. Although 2017 should be a quiet year for the Legendary Pokemon, we expect that he’ll pop up in Pokemon Go sometime this year.

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