Pokemon GO- Gym Rework Coming Right Up!!

Hello there fellow Poketrainers, as times are getting exciting, in the Pokemon Go community, there has been a lot of speculation as to when the Gym rework is supposed to be dropping, well we think we have the answer to it. It is closer that you might event expect.

Many people were disappointed that Niantic has not dropped their proposed gym rework, in time. The entire community was under an assumption, that Pokemon Go will have a major update every 3 months as said by John Hanke at MWC-Barcelona.

Well, this is when we think, the update is going to drop we are more than 75% sure that this is going to the day. On May 25th (which is close to this weekend) Niantic will be dropping their second major update for 2017. Well, this is not just a random date that we came up with, there is actually some evidence from which we drew our conclusions, read on to find out more.

Pokemon Go, got its first major update for 2017 right after Valentine’s day event on a Thursday, 3 months ago. Valentine’s day event was held not just to celebrate love, but also so that People can get back to the game.

It is common knowledge by now that, Pokemon Go’s user engagement rate and in-game purchases go up during such events, judging by the response that Valentine’s day event got, this event’s public reaction is sort of the same.

Also, many people have received push notifications in order to continue playing the game, please update to the latest version. Which kind of makes sense right? Every trainer should be running the same build, for such a major rework and it would make Niantic’s work a wee bit easier.

Many Apple fans might have noted that Thursday, is the day on which app upgrades are available on the App store for iPhone, which is very much true. Maybe we will just have to wait just a couple more days to find out the answer.

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