Pokémon Go Gets Two New Features and More in Latest Update Out Now

Pokémon Go has changed.

A new update is now available for Pokémon Go, the focus of which are the two new features that developer Niantic Labs discussed last week. As announced previously, these features include a new catch bonus system and a tweak to Gym training so that you can bring six Pokémon to battle.

In addition, this update adds egg and incubator screens, which will “periodically” update the distance that you walk without the need to close and then open the screen again. The update also fixes a number of “audio issues,” though these were not specified in the blog post.


Additionally, the new Pokémon Go update decreases the evolution animation time and includes some “minor” fixes. You can see the patch notes and developer commentary below.

As for what features might come next, a multiplayer battle mode has been teased. The CEO of The Pokémon Company said the game launched without this feature in part because Niantic did not want to confuse players with too many features all at once. Niantic has been rolling out new features since the game launched in July, including an appraisal feature and a buddy system, among other things.

Launched in July, Pokémon Go is reportedly still bringing in around $2 million per day from its micro transactions. The game has been downloaded more than 500 million times.

Pokémon Go Update 0.41.2 (Android) and 1.11.2 (iOS):

  • Catch Bonus: Trainers can earn a catch bonus for a Pokémon type as they catch more of a specific type.
  • Updated Gym Training: Trainers can now bring six Pokémon to battle at friendly Gyms. The CP of the Pokémon you are battling may be temporarily adjusted lower for your training session.
  • Egg & Incubator Screens: These will periodically update the distance walked without the Trainer needing to close and reopen the screen.
  • Fixed several audio issues.
  • Decreased the evolution animation time.
  • Minor fixes

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