Pokemon GO Generation 2 Regional Exclusive Pokemon

These Will Be The New Generation 2 Regional Exclusive Pokemon

Pokemon GO Generation 2 Regional Exclusive Pokemon

Although we can catch all 151 original pokemon in Pokemon Go, excluding the Legendary Pokemon, there are very few Pokemon that are region exclusive, In original 151 Pokemon, there are 4 Region Exclusive Pokemon.

Farfetch’d for Asia

Kangaskhan for Australia

Mr. Mime for Europe

Tauros for North America

There is no way you can catch these Pokemon outside of their regional area and CEO of Niantic, John Hanke cleared it out on his Twitter that Regional exclusive Pokemon cannot be hatched from Eggs outside of their natural habitat! You can only hatch them from Eggs in their natural habitat.

Smeargle for Europe

Miltank for North America

Dunsparce for Australia

Qwillfish for Asia

Girafarig for Africa

Delibird for Antartica

Heracross for South America

Smeargle will be Europe exclusive since on top of his head it has a beret, Miltank for USA, Dusparce for Australia since they have all kind of weird animal, Qwillfish for Asia since it’s like Fugu Fish, which is a Japanase delicacy, Girafarig for Africa since it’s like a Giraffe, Delibird for Antarctica since it’s like a Epnguin and lastly Heracross for South America since in the rain forest, they have all kind of bugs, but who knows?

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  1. Daven Reply

    Delibird for antarcica? Man those handful of scientists and researchers are going to be so fortunate.

  2. Beth Reply

    You know that really sucks to not be able to “catch em all” by region locking them. Just another reason people will eventually quit playing or find a way to cheat the game. Hatching out of the ever difficult to find 10k eggs would be cool, but as always, like the sucky drop in speed idea, they keep finding ways to chase people away rather than drawing them in.

  3. Alison Reply

    Clearly niantic should learn more about geography north america includes México and Canadá not only USA 😕

    • Sagewater Reply

      My friend in Vancouver has a page full of Tauros Pokémon. Here in Florida? None. And even weirder I caught a Qwilfish yesterday.

  4. Kimmie Reply

    Has Niantic confirmed this and where can I find this information showing that?

  5. Sin Reply

    It was not confirmed on Silph Road by the data miners.
    I am just hoping they made a mistake for Girafarig…i was so looking forward to have my own cutsie giraffe! 🙁

  6. R I V A L Reply

    This is pure speculation and should not be taken as fact. And nobody is going to put an exclusive in ANTARCTICA are you kidding? You lost me there. I can honestly see corsola or dunsparce being Australia though.

  7. Zie Reply

    Hi, I’m from Philippines and I here to say that I just caught a Dunsparce in our backyard. Thank you.

  8. Tishsims Reply

    Gen 2 regionals are wrong already. I got qwillfish in the wild in canada and also I saw but he ran from me after 1 ball was dunsparce.

  9. Pam Reply

    regionals seem to be wrong as people reporting in Australia they are catching them

  10. David Reply

    I am in Australia and I caught a Miltank today. I can see Quilfish on a map and will drive down and catch one tomorrow, there is a nest of them near the beach.

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