“Pokemon-Go” Generation 2 Pokemons Finally Added In The Wild For Trainers to Catch

“Pokemon Go” was a disappointment from the last update about the generation 2 Pokemon obtained only through hatching eggs. Now, Niantic Labs released an update to the game, which contains the expected generation 2.

In this update, players can now see and encounter generation 2 Pokemon in the wild, which makes another addition to the library of Pokemon. New evolutions are at hand and players will have another motivation to go out and catch these Pokemon. In addition, notable Pokemon such as Slowking, Steelix, Scizors, and more

Reduced number of steps in hatching eggs

In addition to the said release for “Pokemon Go,” Niantic Labs also reduced the steps or kilometers in hatching eggs. This is one good news so players will lessen their burden when hatching numerous yet different types of eggs.

According to one post from Express, the baby Pokemon are still there with the update that includes Smoochum, Pichu, Elekid, Magby, Togepi, Igglybuff, Clefa. More Pokemon will be added soon.

Increased speed caps?

Furthermore, speed caps are increased so that people playing “Pokemon Go” will not be distracted while driving as this can be dangerous. This is good news for those people who frequently travel from one place to the other because they can enjoy the game without limits.

More updates like these will make things interesting as always

The greatest thing about the massive transfer system in “Pokemon Go,” is the ease of transferring numerous Pokemon at one to Professor Willow. Now, the said game may be rising its way again to fame and build up what was lost. Ever since its declining rate of users slowly going back to other lifestyles and games, the release could be another chance to redeem those lost time.

With generation 2 Pokemon, the updates in the future might add the full Pokemon from start to the Generation 2. Now, it is expected that evolutions of previously released Pokemon such as Eevee will be evolving into Umbreon or Espeon, which are Generation 2 Pokemon.

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    what update? no one else is reporting it either. plus its a saturday, since when do they roll out updates on a saturday?

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