Pokemon Go Generation 2 Different Eggs?

As Pokemon Go Generation 2 made its debut on 12/12 through an updated which added new Gen 2 pokemon in game through egg.As all this Second Generation Pokemon are hatching from eggs as baby pokemon its quite happy to walk 10km and find a Generation 2 pokemon. As the update came out with the announcement of Pichu and Togepi but also other pokemon were included in general.

Players who stored eggs for christmas event expecting to gain bonus same as Halloween event,but Niantic surprised everyone with this update which allows player to find Gen 2 pokemon in EGG. Every player who saved egg for Christmas Event is quite amused to find this.If you’re one of that clever Pokemon Master and saved eggs to get bonus on christmas event and you get to know about this update, then it may be good.

For me I received Magby from one 10km egg that I had, but the newer egg what i got eventually gave me Eevee or Bulbasaur. So here’s a thing Niantic should be adding to let players know if the player is getting a gen 2 pokemon or gen 1 pokemon.

Niantic should change the color or texture of the egg which will make it easy to be identified by the player, then a player won’t have to walk and expect a Gen2 pokemon and will get a Gen1 pokemon. What do you think about this feature? or should Generation 2 pokemon made available in wild just like Generation 1?

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