Pokemon Go: More Eggs and Incubators For Christmas!

As many of you know the Christmas event has now been officially announced and I feel Niantic is giving us some nice treats.

If you haven’t heard, from December 25th-January 3rd 2017, you will get a free single use incubator on your first Pokestop spin of the day. That’s a total of 10 free incubators. In addition, each Pokestop will have an increased chance to give you a Johto egg.

This the perfect opportunity for trainers who have not yet hatched a Johto Pokemon. I will advise though that if you plan on hatching a Johto egg then it is probably best to try and hatch the eggs you already have. Make room in your bag for all of those extra eggs on December 25th.

Ideally, you want to use your incubators for hatching eggs you get during the event and not eggs you have from before the event. If hatching Johto Pokemon isn’t important for you then use your incubators in whatever way best suits you.

Have fun during this month’s event and happy holidays.

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