Pokemon Go added another pointless feature

I know, I know. We are waiting for the tracking system and trading, but Niantic decided incorporating another useless feature: Push notifications. Now, on occasion, Pokemon Go will motivate you to play their game by reminding you they exist. Perhaps this will increase their daily visit count, but that could be unlikely.

According to Reddit user DoPeopleEvenLookHere, his phone received a notification from Niantic. Below is a screenshot:


This is a common tactic from App developers; by sending a push notification, it could persuade the user logging in and increasing the app’s daily activity. Remember, daily activity measures an app’s success and although we assert trading will provide a certain remedy to Niantic’s daily activity issue, I am not sure how well a push notification will fare.

You can disable these notifications by accessing your app settings and disabling them. It will be interesting to see if Niantic used this as a means informing the general population of new updates, but such is unlikely.

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