‘Po-GO’ news: Generation 2 creatures tipped to drop this month

The rumor that a Generation 2 batch of pocket monsters eventually arriving as an update in “Pokémon GO” has long been swirling on the internet despite not really having any concrete timeline for the development. Now, latest rumors are providing some new insights as to when the patch can be expected, and it is sooner rather than later.

According to some reports, the new list of Pokémon is scheduled to roll out to the augmented reality game sometime later this month. An update last month snuck out some Pokedex data for at least 100 new virtual creatures that will be ready to wander in the streets only waiting to be caught. And while this does not necessarily confirm when the new feature will go live, it is an indication that Niantic Labs is planning to do it sometime in the near future especially since the company is rolling out some major updates every few weeks.

Should it eventually land before the year ends, Forbes poses an interesting angle as to why it can actually be counterintuitive for Niantic. The freezing weather outside due to Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is not really a conducive environment to aimlessly wander outside the comforts of indoors. This can be a factor on how well the update will be received given that it is deemed critical to keep “Pokémon GO” interesting to its loyal fanbase. It is no secret that over the past few months, the game has seen a steady decline in engagement, and it will be a total bummer in case a major update such as adding 100 Pokémon will flop.

Then again, the game being seasonal in nature also opens up a lot of opportunities to dimensionalize “Pokémon GO.” And it might also be quite profitable for Niantic if this ploy is done right with diehard players opting to resort to the in-game store to further their progress. For example, use of Incense is tipped to increase as it helps gamers to attract the Pokemon to their location instead of the former going to where they are.

As for now, “Pokémon GO” fans are advised to keep their eyes peeled in case Niantic decides to drop 100 more creatures to catch.

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