Niantic’s given us the best bug we’ve seen so far, Double Buddy Candy!

The Double Buddy Candy may just be the best bug to slip in since Articuno!

This ‘Bug’ is possibly the greatest bug in Pokemon GO history … Other than the time Articuno magically made it’s way into the game. I’ve originally found this bug from a redditor named devilryuji who reported how he’s received 2 Lapras candy instead of 1. After reporting how great this was, tons of other trainers replied showing how they’ve had the same luck with more images. 

Pokemon GO always seems to amaze us when it comes to bugs, due to the wide variety that slip in, not to mention how one almost ruined the Legendary Pokemon update for everyone. We’re hoping that this isn’t a bug and it’s here too stay however that’s unlikely.

A trainer named devilryuji mentioned how this happened to him. 

“This happened during a gps drift. I was switched out to another app,whilst I was still walking when I switched back I moved (not teleported) about 20m and got the candy pop-up same time. Definitely received d two candies. Android latest update. S7 edge, which drifts allot.”


Another trainer named Hewstan added:

“I had a double candy drop for the first time from my Pikachu. I am currently on the most recent update to the iPhone 0.41.4. As for the circumstances, I was walking around a shopping center, there was some mild GPS drift going on but nothing excessive. – Hewstan

While there’s too many trainers who’ve elaborated on how this has happened, You can check out the original
topic here
. If this is a bug let’s just hope it doesn’t get removed as it can be a very lucky roll for trainers looking to evolve, or train their Pokemon quicker. 

We’re expecting Niantic to come out with a fix for it however we’re hoping it slips by for fellow trainers to enjoy. Niantic has been a bit sketchy as of late on their updates, being very secretive on future updates which is technically bad for any game. Usually games prepare months before hand to hype up any huge updates in order to increase play time and logins. 

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    • Skwerl Reply

      >Screenshots dated a week ago
      >Two candies received in the same minute
      >Halloween event effects distance, not quantity of candy received upon filling distance bar
      >Even during the Halloween event, it is impossible to fill the bar with Lapras in under a minute because distance is only recorded at 15mph. It would take over 3 minutes travelling at 15mph to do so.

      It’s a massive, glorious bug and it’s happening to me too. I think Niantic hasn’t patched it yet because they’re in full-on panic mode dealing with even more major bugs like completely breaking PoGo Plus while simultaneously creating the Halloween Event. It stacks with the quadruple candy bonus from the event so it’s possible to grind out a Dragonite in 4 hours with a bicycle right now for some people without even touching their phone.

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